Neil Truglio Photo

Director’s Note

Sometimes art is born out of the most unlikely of places. That is the story of We Are the Sea; its humble beginnings: an independent record store in Boulder, Colorado. It was at this record store that I met my producer, my cinematographer and was first introduced to Iron & Wine. The story was crafted on the long stretch of road between Boulder and Denver, my home.

The script of We Are the Sea was written to the music of Iron & Wine, whose elegant melodies created the foundation upon which these characters could come to life. It is an observation, the town is anywhere, the inhabitants – commonplace. Our attempt was to chronicle their lives with integrity and honesty as if we were merely documenting their struggle: what is the value of a life under-lived?

We Are the Sea is a project that has spanned more than seven years of work. The film was shot on beautiful Super 16mm and is the blood, sweat and tears of an incredible, albeit very small crew, and an amazingly irreplaceable cast; all of whom gave of themselves selflessly and fearlessly in an effort to tell this story.

We are eternally grateful to Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, the amazing people at Sub Pop Records and Overcoat Management, and all of those who have touched this film along the way.